How much does laundry service cost in Norwich?

Laundry service Norwich cost depends on a number of factors and there is no fixed cost even here in Norwich/ Norfolk. There are two types of laundry one is domestic laundry and the other is commercial laundry. I’ll give you the cost idea of both of these.

Domestic Laundry

As its name suggests this type of laundry is for a domestic audience and its price is not that much. The minimum cost of domestic laundry service in Norwich starts from 10 pounds. If you want to do this the best option is “Smart Image Laundry Service“.

Commercial Laundry

On the other hand, commercial laundry is for commercial clients such as hotels/ restaurants & Hostels, etc. For example, hotels have a linens every day and to wash them takes time so you can easily clean them from commercial laundry. The minimum cost of a commercial laundry service is 1.25 pounds per item but you can get the price of 1 pound per item from Smart Image Laundry Service Norwich.

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