What is Laundry Stripping?

A soaking method that cleans soil, detergent, fabric softener, hard water, and body oil with chemicals. In laundry stripping the clothes are soaked into a hot water full night. This technique can be done in a bathtub. You have to carefully soak those clothes that tolerate hot water. For laundry stripping, you need a detergent and cleanser, washing soda, and a large tub.

As you are stripping laundry, you often see leftover detergent and fabric softener floating in the water, which accumulates on fibers and may cling to dirt as well. When you use too much detergent or fabric softener, a build-up can be prevented.

The towels and sheets are that items that can collect oil ad detergent very quickly so laundry stripping is very good for these things. If you don’t have time then “Smart Image Laundry Service” is the best option for laundry service Norwich.

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